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Antica Formula is a vermouth fine red, produced with the same recipe developed by Benedetto Carpano in 1786 in Turin. Stands out from all the other Vermouth for its unique bouquet and its unmistakable notes of vanilla.

Alcohol content is 16.5%

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The extraction of the numerous aromatic plants is done through infusion in hot or cold extraction, depending on the raw material, following methods handed down through the centuries that constitute, together with the formula, the secret of this product.
The process is very thorough and long (some of the components of botanical require several months of processing). Once assembled the components, we pass to a second stage of maturing, which can last a few months, the period required for the components attune to the better and escape all of their fragrance and aromatic intensity. Finally, having overcome the stages of quality control, the product is ready for bottling. The ancient and original recipe of Carpano, the bride, the tradition of the historic company from turin with the old jurisdiction of the Branch in the selection, composition and processing of raw materials: the high level of technological innovation happens in the respect of the traditional methods of manufacturing, infusion, extraction. Still today, as in the tradition of Carpano, there are three persons who share the secret of the process and of the recipe of this product: one of these is the President of Fratelli Branca Distilleries, Niccolò Branca.
The SAFFRON that is used in the Ancient Formula is of high quality coming especially from the high plains of Iran and in the stigmas entire free of impurities, with an average length of 1.5-2 cm. This ingredient is known for antioxidant properties and for its preciousness: to get a kilogram you need to collect – hand – the stigmas of about 150,000 flowers. In Persia it was used as an aphrodisiac.
The ABSINTHE of Old Formula comes exclusively from the Alps of Piemonte and Valle D'aosta. According to current legislation, the use of wormwood is the essential feature of this category. This context has a historical foundation. Antonio Benedetto Carpano has given great importance to this matter before this in her recipe. In fact, he used the German word “Wermuth” (which means Wormwood) to identify its product, perhaps inspired by the works of Goethe, arrived in Italy in 1786, of which he was very fond. BURNT SUGAR is a natural compound that, in addition to the components of botanical, complete the connotation of the taste of the Old Formula thanks to the characteristic aroma. The burnt sugar is produced by the heating of the simple sugar, without the use of any additive, under controlled conditions and
Brown color, glittering with veins of amber, the bouquet of vanilla combined with notes of spices, citrus and dried fruits: almonds, raisins, cloves. In the mouth: the taste is round, rich and vanilla, which takes up the note on the nose, it combines notes of bitter orange, dates, cocoa beans and saffron.

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