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A london dry inspired by the classics, steeped in tradition, designed to honor the past. Produced in small batches, with passion and romanticism that make Disonest an exclusive gin. Shy and gentle, round and balanced, created to rediscover "gin", a timeless gin. Son of Puglia, the first product in this fascinating land, which leaves the senses free to be seduced to transform the infinite proposals of the territory into secret codes for uniqueness. On the palate as on the nose, it is a complex gin but also soft and elegant , in which the juniper notes are clearly recognizable, but are balanced by those of all the other botanicals. A classic round London dry, in which there are spicy notes that extend into the finish, making it slightly fresh.

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Production method description:

Stroll through the fields. Avidly smell the wind full of the ancestral aromas of Puglia. Let yourself be captured by the bold colors of the uncultivated meadows. Leaving the senses free to be seduced is all that is needed to transform the infinite proposals of the territory into secret codes for uniqueness. The botanicals used by Panegos & Co. are the result of the skilful combination of customary aromas and the flavors of native herbs. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are the distinctive elements of distillation at Panegos & Co, because the products retain the memory of moods. For the master distiller Angelo Panegos work begins in the morning, with a smile and a good coffee. The selection and balance of botanicals is accompanied by his favorite notes. The production in small batches, meticulous and dedicated, allows you to follow each stage of distillation and infusion in the most accurate way. Mueller stills embody perfection, combining extraordinary build and material qualities with unparalleled engineering prowess. The master craftsmen of Oberkirch were asked to produce a one-of-a-kind piece, capable of satisfying the specific needs of Panegos & Co's artisanal production.

History and Curiosity


From his native Veneto desecrated by the Great War, Panegos crossed the threshold of uncertainty, took the future by the hand and arrived in Puglia to put down roots. He brought with him hopes, family, tradition and the scents of his homeland. And the arcane art of distillation. In the Ofanto valley, as had happened for millennia before him, every promise was kept, every fear dispelled, every mouth fed. For many years, that strange community of emigrants on the contrary of which Panegos was the progenitor mixed in silence, sheltered from the curiosity of the natives, the inebriated vapors of distillation with the fragrances of the pregnant favonio. Today, Panegos is in its third generation of master distillers and is revealing the secret of its tradition by creating a unique distillery of its kind. Technology and beauty, at the service of a rare blend of distant flavours, craftsmanship of the past, an improbable fusion of distant cultures.

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